Juggling Java

A couple of patterns to show off my Java simple site swap juggler v1.5. These are designed to be viewed with Netscape-2.0, and may not work with other browsers. Click on the animations to start and stop them, running more than one at once will be sloooow. More information about juggling and the site-swap notation can be found at the Juggling Information Service. You may want to look at the source for the applet, or mail me any comments.

The applet uses a few parameter tags at the moment, look at the source for this page for some examples:

I intend to implement the following features when I get round to it, any other suggestions would be welcomed.
Ross McNab rmcn@dcs.ed.ac.uk

A simple 5 ball cascade: site-swap "5"

From 3 ball cascade to fountain and back:

A slightly more complex pattern: site-swap "4416611135315313"