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Cigar Boxes by Ben Decker

Really cool boxes
(2 & 1/2" wide, 5" tall, 7 & 1/4" long)

Hi! I'm no longer making cigar boxes. It's been a great run, but with a full-time job and a family, I no longer have the time nor the motivation.

There are some people I'd like to thank:

First, everyone who ever purchased a set from me. Thank you.

Next, Todd Smith. If you ever need props, Todd's your man. Of all the prop vendors I've known -- lots! -- Todd is the most loyal, "together" and appreciative. I'm looking forward to kicking back at "Club Todd" when I finally make it to another convention. The beer's on me -- thanks for everything.

Barry Bakalor! Thank you so much for putting together the Juggler's Information Service and hosting my box site for so long. You're the best.

And last -- but certainly not least! -- my wife, Cindy. I can't count the number of times she's had to wait while I finished "one more glue joint" to get an order out.

On the bright side, I'm now working on SEO for the coolest dentist around -- Dr. Michael Boyce and Arden Dental Care who is our favorite Sacramento Cosmetic Dentist.

You might also be interested in some great plate spinning by John Park!

Or, how about some Horseback riding in San Diego with Adventures On Horseback?

But, the biggest news of all is I'm now doing Closeup Card Magic in San Diego at the Frontier Micro Theater

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Chief says
"See ya!"

Chief says,
"See ya!"

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