Creating a Home Page

Get your home page created at your site. This is best done through a WWW HTTP server, but it can also be done at any anonymous FTP site. Ask your local system administrators for directions on how to do this. If these are not available to you, you may use the JIS E-mail Juggling Home Page Service to create and maintain your home page at the JIS.

HTML References

Here are some good references for getting started writing HTML:


Be sure to mention juggling in your home page. If you'd like, include a link back to the Juggling Information Service, so that you can get here easily, and so others may find it. Simply include this:

<A href="">
Juggling Information Service

and this will appear as a hypertext link:

Juggling Information Service

When it's ready, send a notice to, and it will be added to this list. Include:

Sample Home Page

Sample Home Page Source File
This shows examples of what you can put in your home page using any available text formatter. It shows how to create links, include pictures, and other basic formatting features.

Sample Home Page Formatted
This is what that sample home page looks like when viewed through your browser.

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