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version 1.1
July 8, 1996

The first draft of this book was written in 1989 and about 100 photocopies of it have since been distributed, mainly in workshops that I've taught at European juggling conventions. Also, extracts of it have been published in Kaskade (no. 21, March 1991, pp. 15-17) and in Juggler's World (vol. 44, no. 1, Spring 1992, pg. 35).

This new version has been substantially revised. Amongst the changes are a new chapter, several completely rewritten sections, some photos and artwork, and an overall improvement of the clarity and readability of the text.

This book may be freely distributed. There are some conditions, however, so please read the Copyright notice. If you'd like to have a printed copy of this book you may want to obtain the compressed PostScript (1050K) version. The printed PostScript file should be of much higher quality than printed HTML pages. Also a complete copy of this HTML document has been archived as a compressed UNIX tar file lasso_html.tar.gz (483K) which you can use to read the book off-line if you so desire.

The organization of the book is by chapters. Each chapter covers a major subject concerning Trick Roping. The first chapter, The Flat Loop, introduces the main ideas of the book and is essential reading for the ensuing chapters. I highly recommend that you look at this chapter whether or not you are already familiar with the lasso. The following is an overview of the major links in this HTML version. See Contents for more detail.

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Book Cover Page
(12K) Copyright
(15K) Contents
(13K) List of Figures
(17K) Preface
(57K) The Flat Loop
(52K) Flat Loop Tricks
(49K) The Vertical Loop & the Texas Skip
(31K) The Butterfly
(72K) Butterfly Tricks
(35K) Catches
(30K) Two Rope Tricks
(15K) References
(31K) Index
(17K) Author's Biography

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Carey Bunks
Mon Jul 8, 1996