Jugglers' Home Pages

The number of jugglers with home pages is growing rapidly as jugglers are entering the World Wide Web in great numbers. An estimated 54,000 of us already read rec.juggling.

Jugglers' Home Page List
This is the growing list of all jugglers with home pages. To get on the list, simply send a notice to jis@juggling.org, including:

Performers with Home Pages
This list includes professional performing jugglers with home pages.

Juggling Hall of Fame
Here are some of the greatest jugglers who have ever lived. We are inducting one great juggler each month to receive this honor.

Juggling Clubs with Home Pages
This list includes home pages for various juggling clubs around the world.

Creating a Home Page
Some information on creating your own home page.

E-mail Juggling Home Page Service
Are you a juggler with WWW read access, but who cannot yet feed the web? Would you like your very own home page? Your data would be kept here, but you would be able to create it and update it through E-mail. Here is the solution for the homeless jugglers.

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