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Juggling in Israel

I originally wrote this shortly after a juggling festival that was held in Jerusalem in 1996:
There were over 100 attendees including public show headliner Yosef (Jonathon) Rosenberg, 1989 IJA juniors winner.

Since then, there have been other conventions here in Israel with even more people attending and lots of great activities. The 2003 convention topped 800 jugglers! There are photos from the last few conventions: 1998 and 2000. Here's information about the upcoming Israeli Juggling Convention.

Part of the recent growth in juggling is due to the opening of Jugg (the local juggling shop) in Tel Aviv a couple years ago. They were the first to bring a wide selection of juggling props to Israel. Although they recently closed, other entrepreneurs have started selling equipment in Israel.

The content of this page is frequently out-of-date as juggling clubs in Israel change, so I'll just redirect you to some other pages that are likely more up-to-date:

I will make a special case, though, of linking to The Jerusalem Jugglers since I'm the webmaster, there, too. We have been meeting regularly since before I moved here in 1993. I love going to Tel Aviv and showing off the superiority of jugglers here in the capitol! Aside from our weekly meetings, we also get together and do hospital shows nearly every week.

Israeli jugglers are also making an impact outside of Israel. A number of jugglers including Guy Lev and Charlie Sofair have been to circus schools abroad. Israelis have attended numerous conventions around the world. Foremost of those is Ron Atazky who attends several every year, including the Dutch and EJC, among others. In 1998 the British Convention brought Yaron Milgram to perform in their public show. In 1999, Perpetuum Mobile (Eran Lavi and Shuka Bergman) and Mikhail Staroseletsky performed in the public show at the European Convention. Recent European Juggling Conventions have had several dozen Israeli jugglers.

The pre-eminent juggler in Israel is Mikhail Staroseletsky. He was on the cover of Jugglers World, Winter 1991 and his performances at our Israeli conventions have been phenomenal. His routine includes: amazing tricks with 3, 4, 5 balls off a tennis racket; 3, 5, and 7 huge balls; 3, 4, 5, and 6 clubs including very long runs of 5 club backcrosses; and a finale of 2 basketballs, 2 rings, and a tennis racket. Although Mikhail is in his late 40s, he's always trying to learn new things. For example, until the Israeli convention in 2000, he didn't think it was possible to hold 4 clubs in one hand. Just a few months later he's already getting decent runs with 7 clubs. He's also always challenging himself with creative and technically difficult moves with lower numbers of objects.

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