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Jewish Jugglers

For some reason Jews have always been interested in the influence we've had on society (Click here for an article by Mark Twain about this phenomenon). For example, we love to count the number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners or major corporations headed by MOTs (Members of the Tribe). Here is a link to a pretty complete categorized list of famous Jews.

Aside from the many Jewish jugglers I know in Israel (see Juggling in Israel, below), here is a list of MOTs on the juggling scene (in no special order):

We all know that according to Halacha (Jewish law) that in order to be Jewish one must either be born of a Jewish mother or formally convert. Regardless, I'm adding the following people below who apparently have Jewish fathers (especially since their names tend to sound so Jewish):

If you know any other names (or would like your name added) to the list, please email me at

I don't want to cause a scare that the Jews are taking over the juggling world, but I did happen to notice that many IJA board members and staff have Jewish-sounding names (Markowitz,, Schneiderman). If anyone can verify, please let me know.

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